My Mission Statement:  To give home and land owners an attractive option to re-purpose trees that must come down; to put customer satisfaction ahead of profit; and to always have fun doing so.
Contact info:

  Pete Brown 

Contact info:
  Pete Brown

Welcome to Saw It There LLC!

About Saw It There
  • Custom portable sawmill service serving central Illinois
  • Process logs into usable lumber for your use or for you to sell


Furniture Landscape timbers Fencing Log cabins
Shingles Barn timbers Framing Beams
Turning blocks Hardwood flooring    
Special Note: Due to recent back surgery, I will not be available to do custom sawing until approximately July 2018.  I apologize for the inconvenience.  Feel free to call any time, though, I'd be happy to discuss your project!
Feel free to browse the website, or contact me for more information:
  • Waxing Philisophical            Why I'm in the sawmill business in the first place
  • Why Saw It There?               Some of the benefits of sawing on-site using my sawmill
  • In Love with a 'Mizer             Wood-Mizer sawmill advantages
  • Cutting to the Chase             What happens on a typical day of sawing
  • The Price is Right                 Pricing schedule
  • Let's Cut Wood                     How you can contact me and arrange for service
  • I Saw It There                       Testimonials
  • I Need Wood                         Let me watch for lumber species, sizes you may want
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