My Mission Statement:  To give home and land owners an attractive option to re-purpose trees that must come down; to put customer satisfaction ahead of profit; and to always have fun doing so.
Contact info:

  Pete Brown 

Contact info:
  Pete Brown

Welcome to Saw It There LLC!

About Saw It There
  • Custom portable sawmill service serving central Illinois
  • Process logs into usable lumber for your use or for you to sell


Furniture Landscape timbers Fencing Log cabins
Shingles Barn timbers Framing Beams
Turning blocks Hardwood flooring    
Feel free to browse the website, or contact me for more information:
  • Waxing Philisophical            Why I'm in the sawmill business in the first place
  • Why Saw It There?               Some of the benefits of sawing on-site using my sawmill
  • In Love with a 'Mizer             Wood-Mizer sawmill advantages
  • Cutting to the Chase             What happens on a typical day of sawing
  • Let's Cut Wood      Contacting me, things to know, questions to ask
  • I Saw It There                       Testimonials
  • I Need Wood                         Let me watch for lumber species, sizes you may want
  • The Price is Right                 Pricing schedule
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