• I come roaring into your day pulling a beautiful orange Wood-Mizer sawmill
  • We unhook and set up the sawmill as close to the logs as possible
  • You tell me how you want the logs cut (thickness, quarter- vs plain-sawn, etc)
  • We roll a log onto the hydraulic lift arms of the sawmill
  • I push and pull some levers to load the log onto the sawmill and get it clamped for cutting
  • I cut ... you unload finished lumber (or I can do it ... for a price, of course)
  • Rotate, reload, trim ... as needed
  • Repeat until all logs are turned into beautiful lumber
  • You hand me some green paper with presidents' pictures on it (or a check would be fine too)
  • I pack up and go home
  • You ride off into the sunset with your pot of gold ... um, load of lumber

Here's the Process, In a Nutshell

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