And from another Pete in Galesburg in July:  

"I'd never met or heard of Peter Brown and Saw It There before my tree came down.  I'm very grateful I found out about his business.  It would have been a terrible waste, in my opinion, to see that wood feed termites or a fireplace."

Pete, I'm glad we're in agreement on that!  Pete ended up with about 350 bd-ft of the most beautiful, clear walnut lumber I've cut.  And he gave it to a friend for the cost of milling it!  Glad I got the chance to work with you and your wife and Butch!  Thanks for the testimonial:

"I don't know what your experience will be if you need someone to come and saw it where you are, but if you ask Peter to come and help you out my expectation is that you'll be delighted with Saw It There's professionalism, attitude, and price"

Oh, and Pete, if this tree's brothers decide to come down, no termites or fireplace, right?

Great day cutting up some nice walnut lumber with my good friend(s) Max (and Jane!) Chapman in East Peoria.  Max is one of those craftsmen that most of us can only aspire to ... he's made some bee-autiful Maloof rocking chairs and tables.  Can't wait to see what this is going to be, Max!
Nice note for Al Curry and the guys up in Wyoming, IL:

"Pete, I want to thank you for your service in sawing up
the large cherry tree for us on Jan 27.  It was a pleasure
to work with someone that truly enjoys what they are 
doing and the quality of your work shows that.  Attached
are some pictures of a most enjoyable winter morning."

The pleasure was all mine. What a great bunch of guys!
They reminded me (as many do) that there are so many 
good, kind, honest, hard-working people out there that
we get to call our neighbors.

PS ... we did get a little sawing done too!


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