Let's Cut Wood

You can contact me (Pete) at petebarb02@yahoo.com, or call or text me at 309-370-1345.  
Consultations are absolutely free!!

Things you might have handy before you call, text, or e-mail:
  - How many logs
  - Rough estimate of length(s) and diameter(s)
  - Location of logs
  - Timeframe that you want to have milling done

Questions that you may want to ask: 
  - How soon should I mill my log(s)?
  - How long does the milling process take?
  - What do I need to do to get ready before you get here?
  - How much help will I need?
  - What are all the possible costs?
  - What do I do with the lumber/etc once it's cut?
  - How do I dry it?
  - How long will it take to dry?
  - Is God real?  (Oh yes he is!!)
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