Charge Basic Stack at Site Delivered Explanation How to minimize
your cost
 Milling logs $0.35 / bd-ft $0.80 / bd-ft
$1.00 / bd-ft  Based on theoretical bd-ft of log(s) using International 1/4 Inch Log Rule (12"x8' min).  This covers all of the cost of handling the product: loading logs, cutting, unloading, stickering, re-stacking (where applicable)
  • Do some of the work yourself! 
  • Unload the mill and stack the lumber
  • Deliver lumber to wherever it will be dried
 Mileage / Set-Up  $25 + $1.50 / mile  $3.00 / mile   This covers "road" time and expense to get to the job site. "Delivered" is 2X because it assumes two trips --one with the sawmill, and one with a trailer
  • Move closer to me
  • Build me a mansion closer to you
  • Have all the logs together in one location
  • Arrange for delivering lumber
Other Charges  $80/hr  /  Varies Charges above assume logs assembled in one place in readily available location and ready to be loaded on mill.  Any other time (setting up in difficult location, moving logs, de-limbing, etc) will be billed at $50/hr.  Multi-days billed at actual costs (mileage/motel/food)
  • Have logs together ready to be loaded
  • Unload and stack
  • Keep the Wood-Mizer sawing!
 Foreign Objects $25 / incident  Blades are normal wear items that are part of the cost of doing business, but foreign objects (nails, insulators, wire, etc) destroy blades beyond resharpening 
  • Inspect logs, especially "yard" trees
  • Use a metal detector, if available
  • Remove bark and look for foreign objects 

The Price is Right

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